Monthly Archives: November 2015

Sumayyah and Khan

Sumayyah is a bright student, but she hasn’t been to school in weeks. Turns out, her mom recently had a baby, so Sumayyah has stayed home to help out. But that means she’s missing school :(. Today, Karina and I dropped in to Sumayyah’s apartment. I loaned her a laptop I’d set up with Khan academy and a with Wifi dongle so she connect anytime. She seemed happy about it. She got busy with a lesson straight away.


The video lessons associated with each exercise are useful – not only for math, but English too. This one (pictured) explained what a trapezoid was. She nailed the question after finishing the video.

She’s on there nearly everyday – I can tell because I’m her coach on line. Can’t wait to have her back in class.