Monthly Archives: May 2016

Today – not so great

Today was not great. I totally face-planted at leading the lesson. It was so HARD. Some kids seemed bored, others were disruptive. I didn’t have the energy to come up with shiny flashy edu-tainment. At one point I was so discouraged, I stopped the lesson and explained that I wasn’t there for me, I was there for them, so if they’d rather just chat, I should leave. Maybe that sounds manipulative, but it was from the heart. They asked me to stay, and I did. But the whole day was a chore. We just barely made it through the word list and lesson, and I high-tailed it home.

Settlers of Catan and SORRY!

After the kids demonstrated they could read quietly for eight whole minutes straight, without a single peep, we did slow breathing exercises, complimented each other, then got down to the English grammar lesson: singular and plural nouns. Then we played games to practice using both kinds of nouns.

SettlersHere’s Rukiah and Kopinur, setting up a second game of Settlers of Catan. Kopinur spanked us on the first round. She built the longest road, assembled the largest army, and seemed unstoppable constructing roads, settlements and cities.

That’s Faisal, dropping a photo-bomb in the background. He grew tired of playing Sorry! at the other table, so I had him write a singular and plural nouns on the white board. He did very well. When the student helpers from Minnesota showed up, they helped him come up with more.

990 EZ Tax Forms have been filed.

The US IRS requires that all non-profits file 990 forms every year. I just dropped the 990 EZ into the mail for tax year 2015. You’re welcome to have a look.  I removed a couple lines of personal information. Other than that, it’s all there.

Next up: the 1023 application for 501c3 status. Last week I received answers to all my questions from the pro-bono lawyer in Washington D.C. Now it’s time to finish the form and send that in too.