Monthly Archives: November 2016

November Video – Geography Questions

This month we discuss latitude and longitude. In your reply video, I want you to explian what latitude (or parallels) and longitude (or meridian lines) are. How are they used? Where are they on the globe? Where is the equator? Tropic of Cancer? Tropic of Capricorn? Prime Meridian? Where is 90 degrees north? 90 degrees south?

Also, report back on the geographical coordinates (latitude & longitudes) of these three places:

  • Georgetown Penang, Malaysia
  • Ottawa Canada (which is, by the way, the capital of Canada)
  • Verona Italy

Myanmar making life even harder

Over the last week, the Myanmar police have cracked down on Rohingya camps even further. More refugees are fleeing. If any make it to Penang, Malaysia, there’s a school where their kids can go and learn and be safe.

Contributions to RohingyaFund go directly to paying teacher salaries at this school. We’ve raised nearly $3,000 for 2017 teacher salaries. Our goal by year end is $30,000.

For every $9,000 contributed by folks like you, I’ll kick in another $1,000. Tell your friends, and let’s get to $9,000 by Thanksgiving!