A Laptop is no Substitute for School

After class, I drove to Sumayyah’s apartment to renew the broadband access on the laptop I loaned to her. The laptop is for doing Khan Academy lessons while she’s away from school. She’s 12 years old, and has stayed at home for the past six or so months to look after her baby brother while her mom goes to work.

She says she won’t be back to school anytime soon because she has to look after her brother. :(. Double bummer: I couldn’t get the internet connection to work, so I took the laptop home with me. I’m working on it now. Once I get it up and running I’ll take it back over.

Now I’m wondering, how do I get this girl, with so much potential, back in school? Think think think. I’ve got some ideas, but am not sure if they’re workable.

Well, for now, I’ll get the laptop back to Summayah so she can do her daily Khan Academy. I think I’ll sit down with her and show her the other subjects from Renaissance art to astronomy. She’ll need to work more than 20 minutes a day on math to keep up her learning.

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