Everyone Loves Learning About the Solar Eclipse

Photo credit: Heather Lang, she was smart enough to get her camera when she saw the eclipse.

Just before dropping my son at school Wednesday morning, he spotted the partial eclipse from our car. So cool!  As soon as I pulled up to the curb, he ran off to see if he could see more from the roof. I drove off to the Peace Learning Centre to teach.

Naturally, once I got to the classroom I made the lesson all about solar eclipses. Three of the kids had observed it that morning too, and were excited to learn what what going on.

The lesson was great for building English skills because the kids had to master prepositions like between, and in front of. We talked about shadows, and orbits, and line of sight.

They asked about Mercury, Venus and Mars. Just like last week, they asked if people lived on those planets. And again, I explained, uh, no. Nur wanted to know why not. I kept it simple: Mars is too cold and Venus and Mercury are too hot. Earth is just right. Oh, but there’s so much more to tell. For example: Hubble Spies Most Distant, Oldest Galaxy, Ever.


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