The Khan is Strong with this One

Last week, I drove to Sumayyah’s apartment at least four times – each time debugging something that had gone wrong with her laptop.  Examples:

  • passwords on Khan weren’t working
  • Windows 8 clock wouldn’t synchronize, as such, https certificates failed authentication (end result: no Khan Academy access)
  • one month pre-paid wifi sim card ran out of data, 2 weeks early

So much driving, so much time at digi wireless help desk, so much time sitting in traffic on Jalan Scottland. Okay, I’ll stop being a complainy-pants now. At long last, a few days ago, we had her set up properly. With a 6 month pre-paid sim card allowing twice the data per month, she now has unfettered access to Khan Academy.


From what I can tell, she’s knocking her lessons out of the park. Check out this activity graph. She’s earned badges every day since she got back on track five days ago.

From my Khan Academy dashboard, I see her activity and progress.  It took a while, but it seems she’s finally set up. And working hard. I’m proud of her.


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