Volcano Geography Question for Miss Laura’s Rohingya Class

Ciao Rohingya ragazzi! We traveled to southern Italy last week and I recorded a video so I could ask you few questions about one particular place we visited.

When you return from summer break, please research this region and reply with a video response!

P.S. Miss Kim tells me that some of you (eh hem Rashid) love to embarrass people by pointing out when they’ve “passed gas”, proudly adding that “Miss Laura told us that.” Uh, you’re welcome? Understanding the broad reach of this topic, here are a few other terms you might consider rotating into your vocabulary:

  • “rip one” or “ripped one off”
  • “broke wind” (past tense) or “breaking wind”  (present tense gerund)
  • “toot” or “foof”
  • “cut the cheese”
  • “an eruption of evil vapors”

(note – ‘eruption’ is what a volcano does when it explodes with lava and ash and smoke. Kind of like the gasses that pass when people toot!)

By the way I LOVED YOUR LAST VIDEO REPLY! I’m looking forward to your next one.

Love you guys, – Miss Laura

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